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*NEW* Jeep Body Tub Kits

*INTRODUCING the All NEW Body Tub Kits from an our all new supplier, SGI from India.

These are the highest quality Body Tubs available on the market today for our hobby.  They may be the best reproduction tubs that will ever be produced.  The bodies fit excellently on frames and all holes come pre-drilled.

Body Tubs available by themselves if you don't need a full kit.

We offer a full range of Bodies.  The following are currently in production;

In Production: Slat Grill - ACM1 - GPW (no script) - ACM2 - CJ2A - CJ3A - CJ3B - CJ5 - M38 - M38A1

- Pricing -

- Body Tub ONLY - $3,100.00 -

- Body Tub Kit (includes Windshield, Hood, Fenders and Grill) - $4,000.00 -

All prices PLUS Shipping.

Body Mounting Bolt Kits also Available.

(GPW Body Pictured Below)

All holes come pre-drilled.

The detail work is fantastic.

If you would like more information please send us an e-mail or give us a call.


* END *

Call: (631) 874-8660     Fax: (631) 874-3831


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