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1-Ton, 2-Wheel Ben Hur Cargo Trailer


Part #

Part Description (1 Ton, 2 Wheel Cargo Trailer)



1 Ton Ben Hur Trailer


7350102 Bellcrank, hand lever POR
BHN-20B1125 Stud, pivot, hand lever bellcrank POR
144242 Yoke, rod end, bellcrank to hand lever POR
3109064 Chain and pin, tail gate POR
A303324 Pin, anchor, shoe guide POR
A304066 Shoe, primary brake with lining POR
A304068 Shoe, secondary, brake, left with lining POR
7743872 Bracket, mounting, tail light POR
B264217 Cable, right, brake with conduit POR
7366520 Shackle, spring POR
7001424 Bolt, spring shackle POR
7701473 Cup, oil seal, landing wheel bearing POR