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*NEW* Floor Starter Switch
*NEW* MB-GPW & CJ2A-CJ3A Floor Starter Switch

  For years it has been almost impossible to find a NOS Floor Starter Switch for our old Jeeps.  The reproductions that all dealers have access to have been terrible for 25 years.  This has now changed.

From Seal Tested we have finally been provided a new and very high quality Starter Switch than what has previously been available.  

We have found through testing and years of experience that a good starter switch, starter motor, battery,  proper battery cables and proper grounding will give you better cranking.

- Floor Starter Switch MB - GPW - CJ2A - CJ3A Price $65.00 -

In the Photos below we compare the new Starter Switch from Seal Tested with an Original NOS Ford GPW Starter Switch.

Correct Construction and Plating.  Even the cardstock is the proper gray color.


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Call: (631) 874-8660     Fax: (631) 874-3831


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