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Part #

Part Description (Front Axle)


  GROUP # Front Axle $20.00 NOS
1057781 Front Axle Knuckle Gasket Set $15.00 NOS
996436 Front Axle Gasket Set $10.00 NOS
952554 Gasket, drive pinion carrier $POR NOS
924590 Cap, steering knuckle flange bearing, lower $POR NOS
619395 Cup, pinion bearing, front $POR NOS
688474 Cup, pinion bearing, rear $POR NOS
856864 Seal, oil, bearing (complete) $POR NOS
857489 Spacer, pinion bearing $POR NOS
915498 Ring, snap, front wheel oil seal $POR NOS
921498 Stud, front axle carrier (long) $POR NOS
575724 Bolt, clamp, universal joint $POR NOS
952554 Drive Pinion Carrier Gasket $POR NOS
855101 Differential Bearing Cone $POR NOS
921948 Carrier and cap stud (long) $POR NOS
857489 Drive Pinion Bearing Spacer (.1810") $POR NOS
929856 Stud, axle $POR. NOS.
863478 Spacer, pinion bearing $POR. NOS.
863479 Spacer, pinion bearing $POR. NOS.