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1942 Willys MB Barn Find Survivor

After looking for 30 years I have finally found a barn find Jeep.  The Jeep was used in service in Europe and was originally sold as surplus and shipped from Europe to the United States.  It was sold to a man in Pennsylvania who then resold it to another fellow from Pennsylvania who had it ever since.  It has not been registered 1963.  This MB has its original markings including the invasion star.  The Jeep was named "Stumpy" which can be seen faintly in the second to last picture.  This Jeep has seen very little civilianization except for the addition of turn signals.  The windshield frame has the bar on top to raise the top for more headroom.  This field modification has been seen in many wartime photos.

This is not the one of the usual Stateside Jeeps that we are used to seeing.  It is a true, seen action, European theatre Jeep.  The body has no rust whatsoever, though it does have the dings and dents typical of a Jeep that was used on service.  It is not currently running, but we are working on that.

I will be adding more pictures to this as I get some of the paint off and we can more clearly see the markings.

Sorry, but this is not for sale.  I have waited too long for one of these.



This is Richard Amato and he is back again with his doubly Festive Christmas 2019 Jeep.  He went over the top this time.  Reminds me of the good old days when I first got into the hobby and we all spent lots of time in our Jeeps.   I would always have an excuse to drive it.  It is great to see the drive and enthusiasm Richard has with his Jeep and the hobby in general.



This is a beautiful Coast Guard Restoration of an M38 done by Michael Elliot.



David Dorson visiting Liberty Aviation and their operational PT Boat.



David Dorson and his Brother Donald returning a Collins TCS-12 Radio to the U.S.S. Cod in Cleveland Harbor.


Photo Album Page 1

Photo Album Page (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5)