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For your convenience the parts are broken down
into groups. Please select from a group
below for a complete parts list.
All groups are not complete at this time, check back for updates.


Dodge 3/4 M37

*NEW* Stop Light Switch

High Quality Reproduction, Douglas Metal Connector.

Price - $30.00


M37 Project Vehicle

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Transfer case
Propeller shaft
Front axle

*NEW* Coil 24 Volt

This is Our NEW 24 Volt Coil.  These are not the bad Chinese chrome coils that other dealers sell.

Price - $60.00

M37 Manifold Assembly TAKE OFF

Please Call for more Information.

Rear axle
Wheels Hubs Drums
Frame and brackets
Springs and shocks
Fenders and hood
Bumpers and guards

Fuel Filter Assembly w/ filter element  NOS

Price - $100.00

M37 Winch

* Please Call or E-Mail for more information *

M37 Pioneer Tool Rack

* Please Call or E-Mail for more information *

Carburetor Rebuild Kit ETW1

Carter NOS - U.S. Made

High Quality - $65.00

Thermostat NOS


In Tank Fuel Filter - U.S Made

These are our new high quality reengineered U.S. Made Stainless Steel In Tank Fuel Filters for the M38, M38A1 and M37.

Price - $45.00


Starter  24 Volt NOS

Price - $375.00


Generator 24 Volt

Government Rebuild - Good as New.

Price on Request.

Door Handle NOS

Price - $45.00

Door Check Arm NOS

Price - $12.00

Carburetor Elbow NOS M37

Price - $25.00

Front Axle Differential Bearing Nuts

Box of 5 Nuts - $35.00