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1942 Willys MB

This is a nice 1942 Willys MB that we have decided to put up for sale.  It is a good user Jeep - not a show vehicle.  It's an old restoration that would be great for weekend drives and parades.

At some time in it's life the floors were repaired with sheet metal and it has had some body work done to it.  The wiring will also need some attention as some of it in the past has had homemade repairs done to it.

This jeep is a 12 Volt conversion.  Comes with the homemade .50' cal pedestal as pictured as well as a Siren and original Rifle Rack.

This Jeep is in good running condition.   It would be a great entry level vehicle for a new Jeep hobbyist.

- Price $14,500.00 -

Dodge M37

For sale is this M37 Project vehicle.  It is not running and the Engine will need to be rebuilt.  Body is in good condition.  This truck will make a great restoration project.  Please call for more information.

Price upon Request.


1951 M38

This M38 has been in my inventory for sometime and recently we decided to put it up for sale.  If you are looking for a nice solid original M38 this would be a good Jeep to purchase.  This vehicle has never been civilianized - it is still 24 volt.  This is being sold as a project vehicle to be completed by the buyer.  The floors in this Jeep are solid.  We did some of the major repairs here to present a running vehicle.  This includes a new brake system (master cyl, wheel cyls, steel lines), new fuel tank, new steel fuel line set, a tune up, two new batteries, rebuilt carburetor and other small details.  We also added new glass in the Windshield and brand new canvas seat cushions.  

If you are in the market for a Jeep always keep in mind that the more complete and original a vehicle is such as an intact 24 volt electrical system the greater resale value you will have.  Don't be fooled by cheaper vehicles that have been civilianized, you will pay in the long run to replace all of the original parts.

Price $7,695.00

If you would like more information on this vehicle please give us a call.