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  About Me

My interest in Jeeps started at a young age and grew from there.  I restored my first MB Jeep when I was a teenager and restored many other models through the years. During that time, I got to know other collectors. I joined the MVPA club and later even helped organize a local chapter.

   With twenty five years of knowledge of vehicles and parts suppliers under my belt I decided I wanted to turn my hobby into a business. So here I am collector turned dealer. What this means for you is having someone who knows what you need and understands the problems you may have with your restoration.  Have you ever had problems getting the correct parts from other dealers? This usually doesn't occur with me. When you call to place an order, you reach me personally and I am available to answer any questions or offer advice, whether it is for a part you  need or help concerning your vehicle. Remember, you are doing business with the owner
  and  I care. You will also find that I stock almost every part for the models I sell for. I would rather not back order parts if it could be avoided. I take pride in offering quality parts and have been known to find a new supplier for a part that is already being made just because the quality is poor and I feel my customers deserve better.

An Introduction for New Jeep Hobbyists

Not all parts are made the same and not all Dealers sell the same parts.  Most customers call up and check the prices of the parts that we sell because they are shopping.  What many don't realize is that from dealer to dealer parts vary in manufacturing and quality.

Having years of experience in the hobby has taught me to pursue better quality parts.  In my early days in my hobby I found myself lucky enough to be on the doorstep of some very large surplus deals.  I took some risks and purchased large quantities of these original U.S. Made surplus parts because I knew that this would the last time I would never see these parts again.  This has given me an edge in this business as I now have a large supply of quality U.S. Made parts instead of the imported junk sold by many of my competitors.  Most of the newbie dealers in the Jeep Parts business today don't even stock parts on their shelves.  They instead opt to drop ship the imported junk directly from their supplier.  I consider myself a stocking dealer.  Not only do I have a lot of surplus, but I also have many high quality reproduction parts manufactured by master craftsmen here in New York across the U.S.  We maintain a two locations containing more than 25,000 square feet of floor space.  Here are some pictures of our main warehouse.