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M38A1 Dip Stick 

These are an original NOS M38A1 Dip Stick still cosmoline coated.

Special Price - $15.00

M38A1 Driver Seat Frames NOS

We are overstocked on these NOS M38A1 Driver Seat Frames.  Limited Time Special.

Price $200.00

24v Wiper Motor

This is a replacement Wiper Motor which will replace the vacuum motor with some modification.  This motor is U.S. Made.


Also Available

Wiper Arm, Blade & Nut kit $18.50

Voltage Regulator Base M38-M38A1

This is a NOS Voltage Regulator Base with filters.  Comes complete with data plate.

Special Price $45.00


Right Tail Light Rebuilding Kit NOS

 This is the inside sockets and wires to rebuild the taillight internally to to new condition.

Price $25.00



Distributor Cover


Give that distributor a new look with a new distributor outer cover.  These covers were taken off of new distributors.


Price $30.00

Distributor Body NOS - M38/M38A1

These are NEW Distributor Housings with Bearing and Data Plate.  This is the perfect product to rebuild your distributor if you are experiencing a wobbling distributor shaft.

- Price $45.00 -


Oil Pressure Gauge with Resistors

This gauge is for the any model jeep.  It can be used in 6, 12, and 24 volt as it comes with different resistors for varying voltages and a sender unit.

Price $35.00


Ignition Wire Set (Will fit M38)

These are sets of government surplus Ignition Wire Sets that will fit the M38.

Special Price - $100.00


24 Volt Red Bulb 

This bulb can be used in the blackout fender light as a replacement for the shielded light.  If your doing an MP Jeep this bulb is all you need to covert the blackout drive.

Price $12.00


M38 Cuno Oil Filter Head

This is the top half of the Cuno filter which has the element in it.

I have a large quantity of these and I am offering them at a reduced price.

Special Price - $15.00


This is a complete antenna package for the M38 or M38A1.





Grill Key Chain - M38A1

These are high quality metal key chains.  They will make a nice gift for a jeep enthusiast.

Price $14.00


Footman Loop M38/M38A1 NOS

6 Piece Set - Price $24.00






Air Cleaner Element


These are NOS Air Cleaner Elements. At this price it does not pay to clean them.


Normal $45.00 - Special Price $40.00


Headlight Ring w/ Seal NOS

These are original NOS Headlight Rings for the M38 and M38A1.

Price $40.00


Taillight Bulb 24 Volt


These are boxes of 10 Taillight Bulbs.  These are the larger of the two tail light bulbs. They are 24 Volt and NOS. GE - just the good stuff.


Price $15.00

M38A1 Fuel Tank Well w/ Driver Side Floor Pan & Hat Channels 

This is an original NOS, not a reproduction.  It comes complete with the hat channel. 

Special $275.00

M38 Front Spring Clip NOS

This is for the large end of the front spring.

Price $10.00

M38-M38A1 Rear Seat Cushion

I've had these in my warehouse and decided to offer them at a special price.  They come with the vinyl type cover, padding and spring.  If you're thinking of getting new seat cushions here's a chance to have an original rear cushion and have it recovered.


24 Volt Replacement Horn

This is a horn that we have available for the less discriminating customer who needs a 24 Volt Horn, but doesn't care about it being original.

Price $25.00


Don't see what you are looking for?  

Try checking our M38-M38A1 Catalog.

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