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*NEW* Carburetor Throttle Body w/ Shaft

These are the new high quality reproduction Carburetor Throttle Bodies (with shaft) for the Carter WO Carburetor used on the MB and GPW.

Rebuilding kits alone will not always fix a Carburetor due to a worn out throttle shaft.  This is one of the usual problems encountered with an old and worn carburetor.  Rebuilding your Carter WO using one of these Throttle Bodies as well as our Master Rebuild Kit will be like making your carburetor almost new.  

Other Carburetor Parts are available.  Please scroll down to see more parts that have been pictured.  Scroll down further to view our full catalog of MB/GPW Fuel Parts including every part that we offer for the WO Carburetor.

- Price $85.00 -

*NEW* Air Cleaner

These are the New High Quality Air Cleaners for the MB & GPW.  These come in both early and late versions.  The early style has the service information data plate attached to it and the later version has the service information embossed on the Air Cleaner Body. The bottom Oil Cup comes with the correct markings.  Other Air Cleaners being sold today do not have data information on them anywhere and this is not correct.

Available Options

- Price - $265.00 -

(Click pictures for larger views)


- Also Available -

*NEW* Air Cleaner Mounting Brackets and Air Cleaner Wing Screws.

Available Options

Air Cleaner Mounting Brackets - Left or Right - $25.00 each

Air Cleaner Wing Screws - $3.50 each

Protector - for Fuel Tank Tank Sending Unit - MB/GPW

This is a high quality reproduction of the MB-GPW Fuel Tank Sending Unit Protector.  Available in both Rubber and Metal (plain) or Metal with the GPW "F" Stamp.


- Price - $8.00 - Rubber -

- Price - $12.00 - Metal -

Fuel Tank Sending Unit - MB/GPW

This is a high quality reproduction of the MB GPW Fuel Tank Sending Unit.  Gasket is included as pictured.

- Price - $45.00 -





MB & GPW Fuel Tanks

The fuel tank monopoly is over!

After Years of having only one choice of fuel tank available for your WWII Jeeps and dealing with all of the problems that came with them you now have a much better alternative.

Available in Early Small Neck and Standard Large Neck.  

Large Neck Tanks come with filler tube.  Large Neck Tanks available marked "Olaco" or "F".

Early Neck Tanks come with fuel tank cap. Small Neck Tanks available Plain (no markings) or marked "F".

Why should you buy our Fuel Tanks?

This is a great question.  Our Fuel Tanks are constructed just like an original.  The seams along the side of our fuel tanks are folded  over and sealed with solder - this is the way original Fuel Tanks were made and should be the way that all WWII Jeep Fuel Tanks are all made.  Sadly most of our competitors sell an inferior quality product where the metal edges along the side are simply pinched or "crimped" together with force.  These pinched seams are an incorrect and cheap manufacturing method that leaves the seam prone to rusting out.  Please see the picture below for a side by side comparison.

Our Fuel Tanks are the highest quality fuel tanks being manufactured today for your MB and GPW.  Don't be fooled by a cheaper price - You get what you pay for.

Please call for price.


MB-GPW Large Mouth Fuel Cap

These are reproduction Fuel Caps for the Large Mouth Fuel Tank used on the MB and GPW.

Price $32.00




 Fuel Tank Straps - MB/ GPW 

Now available Fuel Tank Straps available in riveted Ford with the "F" Mark and stapled MB.

Price $50.00 per set

Available Options

Fuel Tank Well Cap

These are high quality reproduction Caps for the Fuel Tank Well on the MB and GPW.

- Price - $15.00 -

Fuel Tank Anti Squeak Set MB/ GPW 

- Price - $20.00 -

*NEW* Air Cleaner Splash Shield

These are the new U.S. made reproduction Air Cleaner Splash Shields for the MB and GPW.  This shield mounts to the frame below the air cleaner and prevents water from splashing up.

- Price - $25.00 -

Fuel Tank Seal Kit - MB/GPW

 These are the seals that go around the fuel tank to keep the dirt out. A nice reproduction 

Price $55.00



Carter WO Master Carburetor Rebuild Kit

This Carter WO Master Rebuild Kit is the best carburetor rebuild kit of its type available today.  This kit contains a new mixture screw and many other small pieces that are missing from other so called "master" kits.  This is a true master rebuild kit. 

It amazes me how other dealers use the word master to describe their carburetor kits when the kits that they do offer are far from it.  If theirs are master kits than ours would be a godzilla kit.  You can see what is included in our kit in the picture above and I know that the kits that others are offering are missing many of those pieces.

Price $45.00

*NEW* Carburetor Upper Choke Linkage - Carter WO

This is the new reproduction of the Carburetor Upper Choke Linkage used on the Carter WO Carburetor.  If you are restoring your carburetor this part is often worn out and rusty.  This is a great piece to make your carburetor look new.

- Price - $25.00 -


Metering Rod Tool Carter WO

This is a reproduction of the Metering Rod Tool for the Carter WO Carburetor used on the MB and GPW.

- Price - $12.00 -

Don't see what you are looking for?


Try checking our MB-GPW Fuel Parts Listing Below.


If something does not have a button to click for ordering then give us a call or send us an email.

Accelerator Linkage Kit

This kit contains all of the Accelerator Linkage from behind the Engine to the Carburetor.

This kit is for the MB, GPW, CJ2A and CJ3A.

Price $75.00

All of the pieces in this kit are available individually.  Please see our catalog for more informartion.

*NEW*  Throttle Cable Stop - U.S. Made

These are the new U.S. Made Throttle Cable Stops.  These were copied from an original sample.  The stop itself is made of brass like an original and each stop comes with the proper slotted screw as pictured.

- Price - $3.50 -


MB Accelerator Pedal

This is a high quality reproduction of the MB Accelerator Pedal. Comes complete with hardware and rod as pictured.

Price $35.00

Now Available!

NEW GPW Accelerator Pedal

These pedals are better than we expected them to be.  I truly believe that you cannot tell the difference between this pedal and an original Ford GPW pedal.  All markings are exactly like the original.  Comes complete with hardware and rod.

Price $50.00

Accelerator Foot Rest

This is one of those parts that are always missing.  It is mounted on the floorboard next to the accelerator pedal.

Accelerator Foot Rest - $12.00

Accelerator Pedal Boot

These are high quality U.S Made reproductions of the Accelerator Pedal Boot for the MB and GPW.  This is the boot on the floorboard.

- Price - $15.00 -

Steel Fuel Line Kit

These steel fuel line kits are our own product that we have made locally.  These lines are exact reproductions -copied from original samples.  It is the cheapest (in price) steel fuel line set available today. Kit also includes the steel braided flexible connection fuel line (pictured).

Price $98.00









Fuel Filter Assembly

This is the new reproduction fuel filter assembly complete with filter.  This has always been a hard to find item because of the rusted out bowls.  Available unmarked for MB and marked for GPW.

Available Options


- Price - $145.00 -

Fuel Fump w/ Hand Primer & Metal Bowl 

These are the highest quality reproduction Fuel Pumps available today for the MB and GPW.  These Fuel Pumps are a proven product.  They have been in production for more than 10 years and have always been and will continue to be a good and reliable product.  These are not the cheaper quality pumps that other dealers are selling.  Don't be fooled.

Price $80.00

Fuel Pump Kit (Single)

This is a Fuel Pump Rebuilding Kit for a Single Action Fuel Pump used on the MB and GPW.

- Price - $40.00 -



Choke & Throttle Cable - Plastic Knob - U.S. Made

These are Plastic Knobbed Choke and Throttle Cables for the MB & GPW.  These are an excellent U.S. Made reproduction.

Plastic Knob Choke & Throttle Cable Options


- $15.00 each with housing -

Choke & Throttle Cable - Metal Knob

These are the Choke and Throttle cables for the GPW with proper raised letters and metal knobs.  These are a high quality reproduction.  Also available with sunken/recessed letters for the MB.

Available Options

- $40.00 Each complete with housing -  

Jerry Can Spout - MB/GPW

This is a new reproduction of the very hard to find jerry can spout.

Price $45.00

Jerry Can Cap Gasket - MB/GPW

These are high quality, fresh, U.S. Made rubber Jerry Can Cap Gaskets.

Price - $5.00

(Jerry Can Cap not available and not included with any Gasket)

Air Cleaner Crossover Tube Assembly - MB/GPW

These are reproduction Air Cleaner Crossover Tube Assemblies for the MB and GPW WWII Jeep.  They are available in the early style with no vent and in the standard (later) style with the vent.  Both vented and non-vented types are available plain or GPW "F" marked.  

These assemblies include the Crossover Tube, Air Horn, Air Horn to Crossover Tube Bushing (with clamp) and the Air Horn to Carburetor Seal (with clamp).

All Parts Available Separately - Please see below or visit our Catalog.

Available Options

Air Cleaner Crossover Tube - MB/GPW

These are reproduction Air Cleaner Crossover Tubes for the MB and GPW WWII Jeep.  They are available in the early style with no vent and in the standard (later) style with the vent.  Both vented and non-vented types are available plain or GPW "F" marked.

Available Options

- Price $35.00 -


Air Cleaner Flexible Hose w/ Clamps

This is the hose that connects the Air Cleaner to the Crossover Air Tube.  Comes as pictured with the correct wire clamps.  This is perfect in looks and fit.

Available Options


- Flexible Hose - No Clamps - Price $15.00 -

- Flexible Hose with Clamps - Price $22.00 -

Clamps also available separately at $3.50 each.

Carburetor Air Horn

This is is the air horn that attaches to the top of the carburetor.

- Price - $20.00 -




Don't see what you are looking for?  

Try checking our MB-GPW Fuel Parts Listing Below.  If something does not have a button to click for ordering then give us a call or send us an email.

Part #

Part Description (Fuel)


Click for Pictures




Tank, fuel assembly - New high quality with correct markings, available in small or large necks and "F" stamp



Tank, fuel assembly large neck



Tank, fuel assembly small neck (early models)



Strap, fuel tank hold down 4 pc set, "F" available exact repro

$50.00 R.


Cap, fuel tank (large)



Cap, fuel tank (large)

$32.00 R.


Cap, fuel tank (small)

$35.00 NOS


Sending unit fuel tank (better quality)

$45.00 R.


Gasket, fuel tank sending unit

$3.00 R.


Protector, fuel sender rubber type

$8.00 R.


Protector, fuel sender metal type (early) - "F" available



Extension, fuel tank filler tube


WO-anti-sq Fuel tank antisqueak strips set. (for in well)   $20.00  


Cap, fuel tank well cap

$15.00 NOS


Carburetor, assembly rebuilt W/CORE



Carburetor, assembly new Solex excellent replacement


WO-A-6840 Carburetor, rebuild kit (Master kit the best) $45.00
WO-116154 Body, throttle carburetor w/ shaft  $85.00 R.
WO-A-6357   Gasket, carb. To intake manifold w/diffuser   $12.00 NOS
PICTURE Metering Rod Tool, Carter WO Carburetor $12.00 R.
GPW-9554 Insulator, carburetor $10.00 NOS


Valve, needle & seat

$7.00 NOS


Float, assembly

$25.00 NOS


Lever, operating, carb. Pump, assembly

$8.00 NOS


Shaft, carburetor throttle

$25.00 R.


Link, carburetor choke

$10.00 R.

WO-116587 Clamp, throttle cable $7.50 R.
WO-116545 Shaft, choke $20.00 R.


Arm, carburetor pump

$4.00 NOS

WO-116197 Arm, throttle shaft w/ screw $4.00 R.
WO-116198 Rod, connector carb throttle $4.00 R.
PICTURE Linkage, carburetor, upper choke $25.00 R.


Tag, 539S, data top of carburetor

$10.00 R.


Fuel pump assembly


WO-A-2383   Fuel pump assembly w/ primer original rebuilt $150.00
WO-A-2383   Fuel pump assembly W/primer a nice reproduction $80.00 R.
WO-118238   Fuel pump, assembly replacement type glass bowl - U.S Made $75.00 R.  


Kit, fuel pump rebuilt W/neoprene

$40.00 R.

WO-A-7256   Kit, fuel pump external repair (bowl, bail, gasket)   $10.00 NOS


Bowl, fuel pump metal

$5.00 NOS

PICTURE Bowl, fuel pump glass $5.00 NOS


Gasket, fuel pump to block

$3.00 NOS

  Fitting, fuel pump, elbow $5.00 R.


Connection, flexible, fuel line

$20.00 R.


Horn, carb

$20.00 R.

WO-A-463-E Horn, carb - Early (pre-1944) $30.00 R.
WO-A-1224 (2) Horn, carb - for AC Pancake Air Filter $30.00 R.


Horn, carb - Willys of France



Clamp, air horn to carb top

$4.00 R.


Seal, carb. & air cleaner horn

$8.00 R.


Bushing, air horn to tube (felt)

$20.00 NOS


Bushing, air horn to tube (rubber)

$20.00 R.

WO-A-151 5

Clamp, bushing to tube

$4.00 R.


Clamp, hose air cleaner tube to oil filler tube

$2.50 NOS


Hose, air cleaner tube to oil filler tube

$5.00 R.


Clamp, hose crossover tube (air cleaner)

$3.50 R.


Tube, crossover w/brt, GPW w/ "F", Early style no vent

$35.00 R.

WO-A-1290 Tube, crossover w/brt, MB Early Style no vent $35.00 R.
GPW-9637B Tube, crossover w/brt, GPW w/ "F" with vent $35.00 R.
WO-A-6911 Tube, crossover w/brt, MB with vent $35.00 R.


Hose, flexible, air cleaner to tube

$15.00 R.

WO-A-5629 Air Cleaner, assembly, New High Quality! Early Style - Data Plate Type $265.00 R.
WO-A-5629 Air Cleaner, assembly, New High Quality! Late Style - Embossed Type $265.00 R.


Air Cleaner, assembly

$165.00 R.

PICTURE Gasket, cup, air cleaner $5.00 R.


Element, air cleaner

$35.00 NOS


Thumbscrew, air cleaner to brt

$3.50 R.


Bracket, support air cleaner left

$25.00 R.


Bracket, support air cleaner right

$25.00 R.


Shield, air cleaner splash (Mounts on frame) - "F" Available Ask

$25.00 R.

WO- A-7850

Fuel, filter assembly - High Quality Reproduction (NOS available, call me) - "F" Available Ask

$145.00 R.


Screw, fuel filter cover (bolt)

$5.00 NOS


Strainer, fuel filter element

$45.00 NOS


Gasket Set, fuel filter bowl

$10.00 NOS


Spring, fuel filter strainer

$4.00 NOS


Plug, drain, fuel filter bowl

$4.00 NOS


Spring, retracting accelerator linkage

$5.00 R.

W O-A-1173

Clip, throttle retracting spring

$4.00 NOS


Rod, throttle, accelerator

$25.00 NOS

WO-A-1243 Shaft, cross accelerator w/ lever, "F" available $45.00 R.
ACCEL-KIT Accelerator Linkage Kit - Behind Engine to Carburetor $75.00


Pedal, accelerator w/hinge and link

$35.00 R.


Pedal, accelerator GPW w/ hinge and link F

$50.00 R.

ACCEL-SOCKET Socket, accelerator pedal GPW $20.00 R.


Accelerator foot rest

$12.00 R.


Boot, accelerator pedal link (on floor board)

$15.00 NOS


Choke, cable assembly plastic knob

$15.00 R.


Choke, cable assembly metal knob

$40.00 R.

GPW-RAISED CHOKE Choke, cable assembly raised lettering $40.00 R.


Throttle, cable assembly plastic knob

$15.00 R.


Throttle, cable assembly metal knob

$40.00 R.

GPW-RAISED THROTTLE Throttle, cable assembly raised lettering $40.00 R.


Stop, throttle cable - U.S Made

$3.50 R.


Fuel tank rubber seal kit.  These are the seals that go around the fuel tank well to keep dirt out. 5 pc. Set, nice reproduction

$55.00 R.


Steel fuel line set complete w/ flex hose (the best available)

$98.00 R.


Fuel line clip set








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