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Jeep Phone Stand

These phone stands are  made from whole oak.  Cut and crafted right here in the USA.  These make great gifts for the holidays.

- Price - $12.00 -

Bumper Tow Rope 

This is a quality reproduction of the manila tow rope with braided loops found on many early Jeeps.  These ropes are 25 feet long.

- Price $50.00 -



LED Flashlight

We just came across these great flashlights.  Being a Jeep collector myself I feel this is a very handy flashlight for all Jeep owners.  This is an LED flashlight that is a flashlight and can turn into a spot light by pulling it apart.  It slides open.  It also has a magnet to hold it in place.  This would be great to keep in the Glove Box and a great way to get some lighting under the hood. Batteries included.

- Price $32.00 -


LED Pocket Flashlight

I ran across these fantastic flashlights at an automotive industry show.  If you work on your own vehicles these are a great flashlight to have.  They are LED lit and very bright.  The design is small and light, almost like a pen light.  These flashlights are also equipped with a pocket clip and magnet for attaching it to a metal surface.  The flashlight shown is black in color, but other colors are available.  Batteries included.

Price $10.00









Engine Hand Crank

This is a reproduction of the WWII Style Handcrank.

Price $45.00


Hand Crank Nut

High Quality reproduction of the Engine Hand Crank Nut.

- Price - $12.00 - 

Original WWII Spark Plug Wrench

Price $15.00



Steering Stabilizer Kit

This kit is an quick fix for the front end shimmy many of our Jeeps seem to have.  Fits most models - MB, GPW, M38, M38A1 and CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B & CJ5.

- Steering Stabilizer Kit - Price $95.00 -

Hub Wrench

These are high quality reproduction Hub Wrenches found in the tool kit of all Jeeps.

- Price $25.00 -

Original NOS Hub Wrenches also available for $45.00 - please call.






Hub Puller

Now Available High Quality Hub Puller with Correct Markings.  This was part of the tool kit in all WWII Jeeps.  This is a handy tool to have.

Price $30.00

Don't see what you are looking for?  

Try checking our CJ2A-CJ3A Miscellaneous Parts Listing.  If something does not have a button to click for ordering then give us a call or send us an email.

Part #

Part Description (Clutch)





WO-A-1344 Cable, speedometer with metal housing (exact) $35.00 R.


Cable, speedometer with plastic housing

$15.00 R.

  Switch, push button (suitable for siren or any other accessory) $15.00 


Crank, hand

$45.00 R.


Wrench, hub nut

$25.00 R.


Wrench, hub nut

$45.00 NOS

PICTURE Metering Rod Tool, Carter WO Carburetor $12.00 R.


Strap, windshield to grill

$12.00 R.


Body mount pad

$2.00 R.


Data plate, dash (late type)

$20.00 R.


Data plate, under hood

$16.00 R.

  Screen, radiator protector $75.00 R.
JERRY-GSKT Gasket, jerry can cap - U.S. Made $5.00 R.


Tow Rope, exact repro w/ loops - 25 ft.

$50.00 R.





  Repair and Maintenance (copy of original manual) $45.00 R.
  Parts (copy of original manual) $45.00 R.



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